Perspective. Perception. Paradigm

perceptionOne, the world does not revolve around you. This does not mean you don’t matter, for you do. You matter to God. However, so does everyone else.

Two, respect people, but not because of what you can get from them in return

Three, see people and love them as God loves them and do not try to force them into the supposed “mold of right”. Leave that to God. Instead, live your life in a manner that truly reflects that you are for God, no longer living and acting as the world does, for then they shall see your good deeds and God’s Spirit in you and be drawn to God.

Four, do not look down on people condescendingly or judge them when they fail or fall or do something wrong. EVERYONE INCLUDING YOU SINS and makes mistakes. Be supportive and helpful, AS GOD LEADS. That is, do not go where God did not send you, in the name of doing good for good may not come of it.

Five, put others before you, esteem them above you. Do not seek your own “rights” above theirs. Note: this is not the type of esteem that comes from insecurities or inferiority complex. This is one of humility NOT timidity.

Six, you will fail a number of times initially, untill God perfects His work in you. Do not go trying to fix anything. Go to God. Repent sincerely. Do not let the lie that the shame brings keep you from living the truth. God has taken it away. So when you fail, and you will, ALWAYS go back to God instead of trying to do something religious to pay penance or earn forgiveness. It is His grace that can change you, and by His grace alone.

Seven, and very importantly, most importantly even, let God lead you and use you in every area of your life. Not your wisdom but His. Yes, the whole opening up of your heart or allowing yourself to feel or showing certain emotions such as love or trusting people, may not be your forté. God knows all this and in your weakness He is made strong. So just commit your heart and life fully to Him, trusting He will always have you no matter what you go through just like the bible says here ” …He will never leave you nor forsake you.” -Deuteronomy 31:6 🙂