If only skies w…

images (2)If only skies where green,
Then panther would be with tiger
But sometimes one does not truly understand or appreciate what they have unless..it was in effect, taken away..at least for a season.

If only reds that needed calming were blue,
Then the heart may not ache so.
Then tiger could stare into green seas for eons to come …and taste heavenly scents, scents of home.

If only fire was as the coloring of ice,
Then tiger would not wish for ice forgetting that in doing so, not only is the tree made extinct* but the panther and others, precious ones,,,are pushed away and slowly made extinct too.

If only Eden was alive,
Then Adam may yet remember the day he first lay eyes upon his future, his breath and heart-Eve. Bone of his bone. Flesh of his flesh.

Yet we live in a world were the sky is not green save an Aurora,
and reds that need calming are not blue,
and fire possesses not a trace of resemblance to ice,
and Eden is forever lost to man in this fallen age.
But two unchangeable truths do exist in this world- a world that is a beautiful one too no matter the seemingly unbearable ache.

And these unchangeable truths being that
We live in a world where Christos is King yet loves us more than life, a world were He desires we fellowship with him but also that we know the fellowship and intimacy of Adam and Eve,

And a world where panther did thus possess deepest love for her tiger.

If only…words were not just words
If…. only

no matter how much you love someone, they can still walk away
they walk as though you were never there

If only….