Set Apart

set apartI want to get so close to God that when I walk into secular and public places, people will meet Him. They may not know that I’m there, but they will definitely know that HE is there
I’m not interested in condemning or convicting them, I just want to carry the fragrance of my Father with me.
If we carry a residue of God’s glory, even a faint glow of His lingering presence with us, then we won’t have to beg people to come to the Lord. They will run to Him.
Seek the Blesser not the blessings.
Seek His face not His hands
Are you willing to pay the cost of becoming a God chaser?
Salvation is a free gift, BUT God’s glory,… it will cost you everything.
It will cost your life.
We want to change the world but we must realize that change must begin in us first.
If we let Him, He will make us- all of us- into what He needs us to be
Don’t seek His hand-don’t bring out your prayer list. He will ask you for it when He is ready
Don’t run from Him. Run to Him. Even when you  Run into His arms with childlike trust and passionate hunger.
Give Him your fears, your worries and all of your problems.
Trust Him with your dreams and your hopes
Once you have seen His glory nothing in this life but God will ever satisfy you
I will chase you all my life Abba . With all my heart