The Great Sadness

sadnessAnd there befell a great tragedy upon the land
And with that came the great sadness
For the loss that many had suddenly been overcome with..they had indeed been stripped off with an unnecessary loss
And sorrow was deep in the land
Mourning to be heard for days to come
And weeping through the night 
Until the source of that pearly liquid was exhausted
And they that wept were left with heavy dry sobs 
Wherefore shall their souls be comforted? For they could not and would not be comforted
A sudden disaster had befallen them and their hearts were shattered into millions of pieces, their spirits, utterly crushed
And it was as this in the days of the great sorrows for the many who had been stripped with an unnecessary loss. And the many others who grieved, did so because ‘they’ that this tragedy had befallen grieved
And so was the era of the great sadness