Healing For The Inconsolables

consoleWhat words can we speak to console they that cannot be consoled?
Only you Father can minister unto their spirits
Comfort for the inconsolable can only come from you
You see their grief. The heaviness of their crushed spirit
You see their tears as they weep without restraint
They weep until they exhaust the storage of tears and are left with heavy sobs and deep sighs
You see the pain as it tightens round their throat and constricts their heart and lungs that they go gasping for air
Wherefore can we speak to their spirits or bring healing to their broken hearts?
Only you Lord can lift them up from this tragedy that has befallen they that weep and they that are no longer able to weep
Only your Spirit Lord
Be evermore by their side
For we look up to you from whence comes our help
Minister to the hearts of your people
Speak kind words to their souls Abba