brotherssAs much as mine are annoying, and believe me, they annoy me like no other human being on this planet, as much as this is so..I love them and can’t quite imagine my life without them(if you ask them, they will never believe I could have such emotions)
I’m never more at home or comfortable in my skin than when I’m with them
I love when Ani says ” you know dat kind thin” * the way he says it with such excitement in his eyes*
And when james (jemi) laughs that his laugh that I have copped, when Im scolding him 😉 or when he does something annoying and tries to “baby sister me” with all that mischief in his eyes
And when me and Dubobs (omajuwa) play the ” shut up-okay” game .the way only ,we do it..lots of banter.and all the other banterful things
But these are my brothers and well ….