Do you need me?…, will You leave me?

And He replies
“Oh My child
Oh My daughter
I need you to listen
I am your Father, your fearless Leader and King;
the Great King
I will harrow hell to be with you,
I have.
Forget about the rest of humanity, I will fight to be with you,
I have.
You are the apple of My eye My dearly beloved
I love you more than life itself. I will always love you. And nothing, absolutely nothing can change that. Nothing on earth or in heaven, not angels nor demons, not height nor depth, not present nor past can ever separate you from My love.
I will always act lovingly towards you.
You mean the world to Me
Every breath I breathe is in love towards you
In one second,.. any one second of your life, I have loved you infinitely greater than all humanity put together ever could
How great are the multitude of thoughts I have of you
How precious they are
How precious you are
I will never leave you My princess
I will never abandon you My shining one
My mercies towards you are boundless
I hold you lovingly and preciously in the palm of My hand O My little one
I give you My all… I will always give you My all
All the days of your life, I shall pursue you in love
Every breath of your life shall be surrounded by My love, for you, precious one, are My love
So O My child, My daughter, My love,… listen,.. come nigh to me
For I have loved you with an everlasting love”

At the lowest point in your life Jesus is there. When those you trusted and loved most abandon you, leaving you crushed, God never will. When life is randomly so unfair and so cruel, God is and will always be there by you. Go to Him. He is always,.. always waiting.