Beautiful. Soul. Paul Walker

Beautiful. Soul. Paul Walker

One of the most beautiful men ever
God made a rare beauty and treasure when He made you
Eyes that made you feel like you were swimming in the most beautiful ocean
A smile so beautiful it literally lit you up
A voice that could melt your being
A face, with all its imperfections that was just……perfectly perfect
A heart that truly was rarely beautiful
A soul that ‘reached out’ and deeply touched our souls.
A man …as man… ought to be
God  was happy when He made you
and we…. were so blessed to have seen or known you in whatever way we did
I’ll miss you sorely

Rest in peace Roger Rodas
you must have been a beautiful soul too

My prayers to both families who have lost precious ones
I pray Father comforts you as only He can

It will never really make sense to me I don’t think
my mind will never truly comprehend this-that you’re not here anymore
the only thing that makes me know it’s real are the tears that pour out when I see a photo of you
strange as it may sound, you were such a huge and integral part of my life
such a huge part of me..couldn’t ever explain it not even to myself
but you were
and I think your fans, like me, feel the same and understand it even if we don’t really
I mourn and I mourn for your family
oh 😥

Love you forever Paul Walker
You’re free to soar now
You are free
See you in heaven
You can walk with Father in all of heaven’s beauty now
Rest with Father