The New day 2014…

images (4)The New day
One day at a time
One step at a time

I pray I see your face today Father
and if I do
I pray the life I would have lived so far that day would have so pleased you

Gold is forged in the fire
The truly beautiful and great people are forged too
forged in the fire of adversity
Celebrate the process, both good and bad
because, if you so choose to allow it, you will come out a rare beauty

The New Day
Like with all other years, you and I, the ‘lucky’ ones, have gotten to the beginning- the beginning of a new day, a new year
we have arrived at that eagerly anticipated fresh start we were so eager to have by the time we got to August of the last year
yes.. a fresh start.
Just what we need…..or so we think
we think ‘new year-> new resolutions or perhaps ‘new-old’ resolutions, new goals, new possibilities…the past now forgotten ….somehow magically …disconnected, at least the past we were desperate to get away from

the New day is here finally
but if you look, if you really look, after the high of denial is past, the new day seems just like the old day
in fact, the new day you were so eager for now seems more like a burden
you are now posed with the daunting task of making it through this a whole year in one manageable piece
you now face the difficulty of surviving this imposing, seemingly long endless… ….time …..a year
If the year before was any indication, a year can carry so much unexpected weight with it so how do you know this year will be any different right?
ahh sometimes on this very first day, not even in August or July or even March, …just on the first day…. you’re already waiting for the end of this new year and the beginning of another
because after all that joy and excitement and anticipation, the new day seems like just any other day, you still have those struggles and habits and worries and pain and whatever else, with you in the new year. They, unlike the past year, did not somehow magically disappear, never to be visited again
so the new year now poses itself to be a year of long hard struggling.
and it very well may end up being so….even if you are the most optimistic person, even if you work very hard to achieve your set goals.
Life could still end up throwing your way even worse events than those experienced in the previous year- [dare I say, what could possibly be worse ey?]

ahh it sounds like I’m being negative but I’m not.

So what am I really saying then?
should we not be hopeful and excited and eager for a fresh start? a new year?
of course we should. It is indeed a truly great gift.
It was thus designed by God-who lives outside of time
A real genius idea
Can you imagine not having the reality of a new day, or month or year or season?
can you imagine not having the reality of time? On this plain we currently exist in?
Can you imagine if it was just one long endless stretch of a day?
Life’s dread will suddenly be magnified by a millenium
So a new year is actually truly great….for a fresh start
The new year was never meant just to be the only day you could make a fresh start. Yes it is significant but ‘not that significant’ that it is then and only then you can choose to start being the best version of yourself, or let go of old habits or face difficulties head on. People, not unlike myself, who like numbers and place value on the number find the concept of making changes to something significant [that’s in need of changing] on just any ‘random’ day a bit more difficult. For us, if we make the same mistakes on the very first day, it’s practically ruined the year. If we could not get it right on the first day, how could we possibly achieve the desired goals on just a random day? We may then choose to wait for the first day of February to be ‘good’ and so on and so forth.
What a horrid chain
Nonetheless, it is a problem many face, a problem that could make one feel so defeated before the year has even revealed possibly the best experiences

But we need to give ourselves and the year a chance
Hope…sometimes you don’t want it but you certainly need it to make it through and not just make it through but come out on top
Every new day is an opportunity for a fresh start. That is the truth if you let yourself accept- the truth that will let you come out on top.
It will not always be easy but you will come out on top

How did your first day go?
Mine, for all intents and purposes of change, went horribly
I was filled with the hurt and pain of last year. I cried a lot. [I suppose I accepted long before the new day came that that was a given. Some pain never go away. And I might have streams pour out my eyes forever. But it will not be because I’m letting myself stay stuck. It will simply be because. because that’s life. You can, even with pain, live a beautiful life]
I made the same mistakes I so long to change
I did the same things that cost me a lot last year
I could choose to be defeated or I could choose get back up and keep at it
Just because it’s a New year does not suddenly make everything easier
If you accept that, you are more likely to succeed
Each new day of this year is a wonderful opportunity to be the ‘first day’ of a new year.

This year, more than anything, I want to make the most of every opportunity and time, living each day as if it were my last for God, yet hopeful for the future.
This year I want to not live relative to this time but to the time of eternity
what is a measly 100 years compared to a 1000 years or 10000 let alone eternity
The most important thing is that I walk with God.