The 31st day of January

The last day
The last day of the first month
of the fourteenth year…
since the new millennium

Can you believe the first month of the ‘New Year’ is already over and done with?
A few seconds ago, we were eagerly anticipating a long awaited and maybe much needed fresh start
How do you feel now about your fresh start?…your new year?
Probably feels old already
Don’t let go of the excitement and desire to grow and be better
The past is important because it brought you here
But don’t stay stuck looking at it
Understand it but don’t hold on to it
The future is important because it’s where you are hopefully going to be
You look to it for inspiration and hope
But don’t stay stuck looking at it
Understand the beautiful possibilities and let them push you to be better but don’t lose sight of ‘what is’….. for ‘what may be’
Don’t miss the opportunity to appreciate what is ‘now’

Take each day, one day at a time
One step after another
Careful, cautious, determined, hopeful
The present is most most important because it is where you are… now
Stay..with it
Focus on it
Yesterday  teaches you immensely if you so choose to learn from it
Tomorrow  guides you if you so choose to let it
But today, …
Today is exactly what you have and what you make of it
And so, if you so choose to, [stay with today that is], all your future todays will be the tomorrow you hope for, having learnt from the yesterdays

Each day is it’s own new year
Enjoy it