Away with Time

This time last year
My whole… Being
Was consumed with pain
Unbearable excruciating pain
I cannot overstate this …whatever phrase I can come up with to describe that pain…
I can not overstate this
Every second of the day was filled with salty streams that took whatever path they desired
I literally couldn’t breathe
It was like someone died
Though had someone died I think I would have been in less pain for all the pain that would be
But I suppose something did die…
yes death on my insides
Funny how I thought death was the end of pain
It really depends on what pain plagues your being
and mine, I could see no end to 

I cannot overstate how thankful I am that a year is gone
For with it went some of that pain
Allowing me some respite for time and some
Allowing me to know breath once more
Allowing me to remember what it was and is to laugh

But a year
Away with the year s
and with time
I have no qualms with times passage through you