Sea winds

west pierSat in front of the water
Waves crashing in
Pebbles sinking in
Sea winds blowing over and through me
Causing the bumps of goose to awaken
Causing me to shiver, though I’m relatively still
The momentary warm breeze blows over mixed in with the cold,
A pleasant welcome feeling
The relentless cold wind begging me to go, begging me to stay
And I do wish for warmth and comfort of my bed
Yet I cannot leave
Mesmerized by the view before my eyes
I came to this particular spot, To save for all time a beauty that resonates within me
Morning runs, I wish to stop and stare into its wonder, but I never do
So here I am,
But hesitant to fulfill what I will -for how can I possibly capture it?,
In all its perfect imperfections
In all its simplistic glory
Sea winds blowing over and though me
It is … perfect
A broken piece of engineering
A master beauty
For though not possessing it’s beauty of long ago, the beauty of its creation
-though not complete,
-though worn down
It stands
Surrounded by the green water
A beautiful masterpiece
I’m here alone
I have no friends
I know no one
But when I’m here ,
 that relentless cold sea breeze, Sun rays on my skin, waves crashing in,
It’s all so perfect
Sighh , Time to leave

A beautiful masterpiece