Lesson One- Magnificent

red me

And life’s lessons

We have this one thing in common
All of humanity that is
At least for a time …a shared time…we have this one thing in common –
life and breath

Perhaps I should say we have two things in common
All of humanity that is
For we have also one thing more in  common-
death and dust

But then in death and dust on earth, there is no more life or any of life’s lessons
Not for the vessels that bear us through life but now for all eternity are possessed of earthly death anyway
No there is no more life or any of life’s lessons for they that be of such

But before we are encompassed by that
And we all shall be
And before the end is
for it shall surely come
In the beginning
And in the middle,
Life while it flows through our earthen vessels
You learn somethings
Yes somethings you learn

sharing life in the same time space
living in this fallen world-
a world full of chaos and brokenness and wars and pain and sorrows and sadness and and loss and death
and life and hope and compassion and courage and endurance and passion  and love
suffering we, as goes it through us
   And some people suffer beautifully
   And some not so beautifully
   Whatever each of those may look like
While Striving to be something or nothing in this plane
And not breathing
And breathing again
Being and not being
And being again
Yes somethings you learn

And of those somethings
Some you forget
-some you  never forget to forget
-others you never …ever forget to remember
You remember
You remember for all of breath and shared time

loss of Love
Unequal to anything ever felt
And none equal to any that will ever be felt again
Seemingly worse than hell
Seemingly worse than… Pain
Unbearably unbearable pain

Well life and life’s lessons-an infinite collection of infinities of lessons
Some infinities bigger than others

A few of us learn that in our commonality
While possessed of life
And pain-
of that pain, time does not completely …undo
where every second is worse than the last
Yes you learn something of those somethings
-something that maybe could be described ..[for lack of better words]… as magnificent

Of life and life’s lessons, you learn that
   while dwelling in this vessel of earth and clay,
   can live with pain