ru1If he kissed me now ,
  if he pressed his lips against mine,
  his breaths against my face, 
  my breaths against his,
he’d probably like what I taste like…after eating so many
but yes I think he’d enjoy it.
I think he’d also enjoy the feelings that well up within him,
  -the firing neurons
  -frantic nerves

  -raging storm

Two people with feelings for each other,
  -that they choose to ignore,
   when they collide,
        makes for a beautiful splash of colors. …I think
[How would I know, I’ve never experienced it
but it makes sense no?]
I want him to know what it would taste like to kiss me
What it would feel like to kiss me

I wish he’d kiss me

I wish,
  -with lots of who I am,
that I could spend all day looking at him
Gosh I could look at him all day long
   -and then a lot more
I don’t know what it is about his face that draws me in so
But there is something
  Something uniquely and remarkably beautiful

Yes I could spend eons tracing each line of that face with my eyes

And his eyes,
  his oh so beautiful eyes
  beneath that layer of beguiling porcelain skin

I could stare into their wonders for eternity

I imagine
  -about  what his lips taste like
 If they’d taste like rainbows and unicorns
    Lol unicorns