White and blue and hues of grey

images (42)Lay down and look up to the sky
[For this of course you must be outside]
[At the beach if you will ]
So lay down and look up to the sky
On a day such as this,
What you see
Will be:-
and blue
and hues of grey

I wonder why that is.
Why those were the chosen colours of what we refer to as the day sky
But white and blue and hues of grey they  are
It is pleasing to look at

close your eyes
And let the skies fade from sight
allowing yourself to be engulfed by the darkness
or what sometimes looks like an orange gloom,
-[Like the fire of hell]

remain so for time and some time
Now, Open your eyes ever so gently
And look up
   -to what once was white and blue and hues of grey
But this time,
all you see
Will be… hues of grey

When I was young, and small,

-all but a halfling babe,
The world I looked up to was
and blue
and hues of grey
beautiful to look at
Then I grew up
And all I see is a world of hues of grey
Did the white and blue ever exist?
Or was that just a cruel joke for the small mind of a child?

So let’s talk
You and I
Creator and created
I know …I know I am nothing
And You,
-You are God

– and Life
But tell me O Creator,
Why ever did you create me?
Yes, of course
of course You can do what you want
But why did You create me?
Why did You create us?
For You knew
You knew I would hate life
Hate life

I look around and I know nothing
The world is but a blurry haze
I stagger around

   -like one drunk like one beaten
Like a broken puppet
   -I know nothing

Yet I know one thing- one Truth .
[For truth is what it is. The only truth always will be] 
The only truth that maybe is …the only thing I know,
   -the only thing I’m sure of ,
 that You are
You the Creator, are
And always… is

But I wonder about the grey skies
And of this created creature

Why they are so