sw15How do you put the pieces back together
Having been so unexpectedly, so suddenly smashed
that they produce pieces on a sub atomic scale you never thought possible

something like this changes you
in its full entirety
it its full completion

You are left just the same
yet completely ..irreversibly… different

How do you console a bleeding heart ?
How do you place the balm of healing on a marred soul

But for all your wish to be rid of the pain ,
through numbness
   or the sleep of the forgotten,
    whichever comes first,

For all that this is true,
something strange seems to be abreast
   for you see yourself
   and you wish not to be completely rid of this pain

Pain that took your smile and your breath ?
Madness is it not?
who would wish of such a thing?

in all that pain
clinging to it
not wanting to be thoroughly stripped of it
just so you never forget

to never forget to never be so careless
with that of flesh and blood
that did exist within the rib-cage

So here you sit
  with a wounded chest
  and a cracked spirit
  and ..
a broken soul,

For all of times passage ,
that pain did still remain,
though indeed not to the extent it once did,
And now a certainty of uncertainty broods
      as to if you should loosen your grips
      if you should finally let the remnant of that pain go,
             – If indeed such a thing was possible

One day, … perhaps
perhaps it will be as it once was
As though the pain never was
Just a silly nightmare of a long forgotten dream

Or perhaps..

perhaps I need not await this ‘One day’
perhaps I might be ready
    ready to say goodbye
    ready to let it go
if indeed such a thing was possible
I think I am…ready
 That in itself is an amazement!

For God did thus heal my brokeness