I am not one to fault time for its passage

If indeed I did find fault,-this being that it sometimes creeps…
slugs away

seem like days
but they are just seconds

seem like eons
but they are just days

Notwithstanding, time is dear dear to my heart

Mistakes made
Opportunities wasted
Precious time elements forever lost

Yet and still

time remains

dear dear to my heart

for it whizzes on
-without care if I am left behind
but I am not
It flows us on,
-with us kicking and screaming if need be
    but I go gleefully

So spirited in its movements
It accelerates
yes sometimes
days merge into one
and eons are but days
the best of time

the best of time

2015 was the best of time
though tiresome and wearying and pain
and wastes
and loss
it surged on
with bursts of power
and as quickly as it began
it flew by
it ended


it ended

Happy new year!!
2016 be kind to us
dearest time…. do your thing
and if you are feeling even more spirited
I have no qualms with an increased velocity