Breathe He Says

I don’t know

“What’s wrong?”

Everything is wrong
And emotions
I find no …respite

It’s beautiful blue grey against the green
live music in the background
Quiet screaming damsels waltzing about
Cloudy clouds

The sun wishes not to be here
Like me
But I am here
And it is not

Everything is wrong
I seek an escape
But it all eludes me
Tortured soul that I am ,
why should escape evade me?

Blinkering yellow lights
[from the pier]
Ceaselessly rolling waves
[of the sea]

Where are You Creator?
    -Where are  You?

I am,
 -He responds

and I am here 
I’m always here

Why am I here?
 Why this day
  – Of nothingness
A broken chest
A cracked spirit
Streams that wish to be let loose
When will it end?

I am nothing
Everything is wrong

He says
The Creator,
He says Breeeathe