Today is not like yesterday
 -though the waves roll ceaseless as they always do
Yesterday I looked into them
 and there was pain
much pain
Today I looked,
 and there was peace
  -tranquil my soul
It is true …
  -that the moon
  and the sea
  talk to each other 
]What? I wonder do they say ]
Does the moon call to the sea enchanted by its glistening
And does the sea call back, chanting of long forgotten secrets
Does the sun watch and  blaze in envy ?

Or gaze out mesmerized?

It is true…
  -that the stars
   dance together
   while they sing the tunes of light and wind

  and so the earth watches the past just as it happens

Do you feel the glory of the rays on your skin?

The cloudless blue skies deem it so

But humanity moves
unaware of the chimes of creation 

 or the whispers of its home


Today is not like yesterday