It was nice for a time

I don’t know you
You don’t know me
Our paths never shall cross each other again…
-probably not
 But as one would,
   -when on the red fiery metal,
Needing a place to sit,

You sat beside me

Unlike most of our kind in this era,
you weren’t too concerned with how you were ‘invading’ my space
—even though granted it was just a little
– Your arm grazing and resting on mine
-when the sapiens on the red fiery metal are not in multitudes?
Sacrilege !
  -In this day and age?
 But yet you sat
You felt it,
you knew you had done an unthinkable

But away you grazed my arm with yours

 Perhaps it was that something had your thoughts so intensely
 Perhaps you were late for something,
Perhaps life …
   Perhaps life consumed your being as it does mine 
[I say consumed in the literal sense
   Life sucking life out of you
   Making life seem like a cruel death ]
Perhaps it was all of these
Perhaps it was none of these

 But there you were beside me

I didn’t even really catch a glimpse of your face to know who it was that invades my precious oxygen ..
-though that is certainly an exaggeration

 And I doubt you knew whose it was that you were invading either

So there you were
And I too tired to care, there I was
   -Too tired to care 
   -Too lonely to wish you away 
Being reminded of the beauty of human contact.. actual contact

  -Reminded of how I miss it

But before I could think up any more wonderings about you or the space you took or the contact we made or anything else,

your stop had arrived
you were gone
  -Your journey on this fiery red metal beside me
had come to a swift end
just as swiftly as it had started
 And I was left with a strange sense of loss
So yes,
it was nice for a time