I know God loves me But that’s because He is Him, Gracious and Kind, Love, He is A mystery to be pondered for all of time My parents love me My brothers too… Continue reading


I am not one to fault time for its passage If indeed I did find fault,-this being that it sometimes creeps… lags… slugs away Seconds seem like days but they are just seconds days… Continue reading


How do you put the pieces back together Having been so unexpectedly, so suddenly smashed that they produce pieces on a sub atomic scale you never thought possible something like this changes you in its… Continue reading

An artist in the Wishing

I often wish I was an artist -For it would give me a reason to be in solitude,      long periods of solitude without feeling alone  for I often feel alone, though… Continue reading

Strange Comfort

Come nowww The world revolves not around you In fact: –the earth spins on    though you be cast off Remember you are as the wind that comes and goes and is no… Continue reading

White and blue and hues of grey

Lay down and look up to the sky [For this of course you must be outside]–[At the beach if you will ]So lay down and look up to the sky On a day… Continue reading

Plagues of agony of torment

Papa Why does it never leave me It comes without warning I wish not to be And if I must be I wish to live in a different world So I escape to… Continue reading


If he kissed me now ,   if he pressed his lips against mine,   his breaths against my face,    my breaths against his, he’d probably like what I taste like…after eating so… Continue reading


Bury your pain ’till it eats you no more Bury your pain ’till it’s terror is no more Bury your pain ’till it blurs your vision no more Bury your pain ’till it… Continue reading

Let not your heart be stole

count on yourself and only yourself For that is the way [Of this I am sure] To keep from the deepest ill of life –  Save the saving of Jesus Christ,    … Continue reading