Scarred and scared

Too scarred    to be interested    in trying time and one again Too scared     to be left       time and one again     with pieces    … Continue reading

Lesson One- Magnificent

Life And life’s lessons We have this one thing in common All of humanity that is At least for a time …a shared time…we have this one thing in common – life and… Continue reading

Sea winds

Sat in front of the water Waves crashing in Pebbles sinking in Sea winds blowing over and through me Causing the bumps of goose to awaken Causing me to shiver, though I’m relatively… Continue reading


Hellooo 2015 yes please , glad you’re here


the meeting the intertwining the fate the destiny holding


For unto us a Son is born Unto us a Saviour is given. Jesus is the reason Amen


I believe in ordinary acts of bravery and the courage that drives one person to stand up for the another. No better love has a man than for him to lay down his… Continue reading

The depths

I feel everything And anything deeply So deeply it is like a never-ending abyss It pulls me in Kicking and screaming Or ‘happily’ conceding and the encompassing darkness and pain is all I… Continue reading

Why the madness

Why am I the one that has to deal with anger struggle with hatred and have the companionship of bitterness You’re the one in the wrong You’re the one at fault You’re the… Continue reading

Away with Time

This time last year My whole… Being Was consumed with pain Unbearable excruciating pain I cannot overstate this …whatever phrase I can come up with to describe that pain… I can not overstate… Continue reading