I am

I am not my depression I am not my pain I am not my heartbreak I am not my broken heart I am not my disorder I am not my anxiety I am… Continue reading

Writer of some sorts

Been so long since I wrote I’ve been so uninspired The pain of life took away my … Although the pain is usually what made me write, no, inspired my writing. Not that… Continue reading


Numb Pain Empty All simultaneously All distinctively All¬†singularly alone Words fail me I fail words Nothing… Nothingness.

The 31st day of January

The last day The last day of the first month of the fourteenth year… since the new millennium Can you believe the first month of the ‘New Year’ is already over and done… Continue reading

A man named Job

More than 3000 years ago a man named job, Complained to God about all his troubles And the bible tells us that God answered Do you give the horse his strength? Or clothe… Continue reading

The New day 2014…

The New day 2014 One day at a time One step at a time I pray I see your face today Father and if I do I pray the life I would have… Continue reading

It is the end of the day…

It is the end of a day the sun has set, the beautiful rays, no more to be seen, no more to be the night is come and darkness is all around-seemingly whispering… Continue reading


Unto us a King is born Unto us a Savior is given The Hope and Light and Savior of the world is come!! Peace and good will to all people ¬† Thank You… Continue reading

Beautiful. Soul. Paul Walker

One of the most beautiful men ever God made a rare beauty and treasure when He made you Eyes that made you feel like you were swimming in the most beautiful ocean A… Continue reading

There is a time…

There is a time for everything… “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born and a time to die, a time… Continue reading