Nothing is impo…

Nothing is important in this world except as it pertains to the Lord Until you find God, you live in vain. The most ordinary things of life are extra ordinary We all wanted… Continue reading

Healing For The Inconsolables

What words can we speak to console they that cannot be consoled? Only you Father can minister unto their spirits Comfort for the inconsolable can only come from you You see their grief.… Continue reading

Rejoice in the …

Rejoice in the Lord Always. I will say it again. Rejoice! -Philippians 4:4 Today, I received good news and that verse popped into my head. There was something to celebrate today and I… Continue reading

The Great Sadness

And there befell a great tragedy upon the land And with that came the great sadness For the loss that many had suddenly been overcome with..they had indeed been stripped off with an… Continue reading

For me It’s abo…

For me It’s about choice; choosing to do the right thing even if you are alone in that choice And Not letting fear of the unknown cloud your thinking Fear that when the… Continue reading

Set Apart

I want to get so close to God that when I walk into secular and public places, people will meet Him. They may not know that I’m there, but they will definitely know… Continue reading

If only skies w…

If only skies where green, Then panther would be with tiger But sometimes one does not truly understand or appreciate what they have was in effect, taken least for a season.… Continue reading


Wow, I honestly cannot believe how the year flew right by. Soooo many things happened this year making it seem like EONS but at the same time making it seem as short as… Continue reading


They’ll always break your heart won’t they? Anger You fight for them but they’ll never fight for you Anger Anger Denial, the thing your subconscious does to avoid the hurt and pain Pseudo-Calm… Continue reading

Perspective. Perception. Paradigm

One, the world does not revolve around you. This does not mean you don’t matter, for you do. You matter to God. However, so does everyone else. Two, respect people, but not because… Continue reading