The Storm Beneath

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I wish I could just disappear
So I feel nothing of the everythings I feel
-the raging storm

Half the time,
I’m not even sure I have a reason or right to feel any of those everythings
here with me they are
and here with me they remain

I look to the past
[maybe to remind myself that my feelings aren’t truth]
Yet all it tells me
is of something lost
or the grand of a grand illusion

Some people think I’m emotionless
ice and cold
If only they knew the error of such thinking
For my emotions abound
to such a magnitude
and to such depths
[I musn’t let out]
[the storms beneath]

I long for Sëä
for there,
everything will be alright
All that’s wrong with me
will be  made right
one day, I’ll go to Sëä